Sohanna Singh
Counselling Logotherapist


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In search for the meaning in your life? 
Understanding what is your life’s purpose? 

Let’s discover your meaning in life together 

The e-counselling I offer is possible through WhatsApp Chat/Video, E-mail, Telephonic, Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

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Services I Provide

I am a registered member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy South Africa (VFISA), a qualified, experienced Logotherapist, residing in Pretoria, Gauteng.

An individual’s well-being is my number one priority.  Although I reside in Pretoria, Gauteng, I have worked with people in other regions as well.   I have a very diverse way in conducting therapy, one which is convenient for my client and one which is most comfortable for my client. 

Developed by Viktor Frankl, the theory is founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose; logotherapy is the pursuit of that meaning for one’s life. Frankl’s concept of Logotherapy is based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find a meaning in life.


Logotherapy, Psychological Counselling, Life Guidance, Mentoring and Psychological Therapy

What is Logotherapy?

So, you might be asking yourself a question, what is logotherapy? why should I choose this type of therapy? and what makes it so different to other types of therapy and counselling? How often do we as human beings loose our purpose and meaning in life? In this space all one needs is someone to listen objectively, advise and give an honest opinion. Logotherapy will enable you to fulfill your true potential as a human being and to self-actualise so that you can feel the value you bring to yourself as well as to the lives of others. Every person has that yearning to feel free within themselves, however, life brings us these blocks which we cannot see, unable to move or can move it but you don't believe you have the confidence to do so. With logotherapy, you will learn to see these blocks for what they are, understand whether you can control it or not and most importantly how important is it in your life or not. So, come sit with me and let's talk about the topic of life, paving your beautiful journey.

Frankl maintained that responsibleness is the essence of human existence. We have something or someone to live for, a cause to serve, a mission to fulfill. We can rise to any challenge for the sake of something more than ourselves. We can overcome any difficulty, face up to any problem, and bear every distress, hardship and pain.

Logotherapy, finding meaning in your life. Gauteng, Pretoria

Feeling confused and alone, forgot your life's purpose, feeling that life betrayed you or was unfair to you, feeling lost within yourself? Are you always in search of yourself? Did you know that this suffering of yours will bring your life meaning and just make you a stronger being. Yes, life can feel a bit too much for most people but have you ever stopped to think about why it's happening and realize the lessons behind it all?

Psychological counselling. Gauteng, Pretoria

Psychological counselling may seem to some like scary or weak words, but one doesn't realize the moment they can identify with this, they have already reached the first biggest step to their healing. Open your mind to allow this journey of healing to help you embark on a life full of meaning even in suffering.

Life Guidance and Mentoring. Gauteng, Pretoria

How much easier does life feel when you can find that one person with whom you can share your inner most feelings with. Someone objective and confidential. There is no better way than helping guide someone with the blatancy of truth and honesty especially during the hardest and most difficult times of their lives. Once you make the start, you will already be controlling what's all yours, your life.

Psychological therapy. Pretoria

Such a soothing word... Therapy. What an invigorating feeling to not just know this word but feel it in every sense. The one privilege we all have is the guarantee of owning something as big and as amazing as our own lives. You are your own architect, how about you get drawing on that canvas called YOUR LIFE...

Empowering your being. Gauteng, Pretoria

Nobody said life's journey is easy, but did you realize that the challenges life puts you in can be such an exciting adventure. It's all about the power of your own mind. Taking control over your own life no matter what lies before you, will make you realize how amazing you are as a human being and what strength and courage you have within yourself. When one gains control over one's life, that feeling of empowerment will bring you through many a challenge.