My Story

The first question you might be asking yourself is what is the meaning that lies behind the title – The YinYOU. Thinking about the various aspects in life in general, I realise more and more how much we go about our daily lives forgetting ourselves, the YOU.


Forgetting the YOU can be the ripple effect in one’s life, where you have feelings beyond your comprehension and understanding, frustrations, depression, anxiety, stress or maybe a situation where you just cannot grasp why you feel the way you do.  My part in your life is to firstly listen to you, allow you that safe space of comfort so that I can help you take control of your life in a way that YOU find the inner YOU again with the meaning you so desire. 


My Mission

I will provide you the safe space to share your innermost feelings in order for you to find that meaning in your life again. 
Counselling you, with the use of logotherapeutic principles allows me the insight to guide you through your barriers whether be it emotional, mental/psychological and/or behavioural.  I will utilise a way that is comfortable to you in order to enable you on how to adapt, strategise, or live with/without the current barrier in your life. 

Expertise & Precision

I am a highly qualified, experienced Logotherapist, residing in Gauteng. I completed my Logotherapy qualification at Unisa on a Diplomat’s level. 

I am registered as a member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy of South Africa 

Affiliated with the Therapists Directory 

Who am I? – A great listener and a clear communicator