Who's responsible for your happiness..?

Who's responsible for your happiness..?

Yes, life takes us on many journeys, some we like, some we don't.

The major thing we all try to do is try to control it and that too based on what we think others think, assume and expect from us. Don't you feel restless when you in a state of feeling like your life is standing still or feeling like you want to explode?


Stop and think, is this about my happiness or the happiness of others? How much do I keep giving off myself before I realize I need to conquer my own life. You ultimately control your own mind and thoughts, do you realize what power you have to do this? Never make regrettable decisions, yes, you now wondering how would you know its regrettable or not. Just follow your own heart, listen to your own instincts and never persuade any thought or action when in doubt.


Your tough times is what highlights your life with meaning. It's not all about the suffering but finding meaning in that suffering will ultimately determine your happiness because it's at these points you will start to realize what you need, want or require. You are the architect of your own life, do you realize how privileged you are? Take control now and enjoy designing on the canvas of your life.


Article written by Sohanna Singh.

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