Choice to see the Strength or the Weakness in YOU

Driving through a nature reserve a thought came to my mind on seeing so many ‘dead’ trees…

So I look at them and a question came to my mind, are they really dry and dead or are they just surviving?  How often does one feel like this on a daily basis?  Why do we try to survive when we are alive?  What is surviving all about according to you?

To live a fulfilling life is to live each day as if it is your last day on earth.  Have you ever sat down and thought about the richness you already have in your life?  Just like the dry tree, which survives because: it can feel the richness of the soil which keeps its roots intact, giving it balance; the wind that still blows through its branches, and not being bypassed because it has no leaves; the droplets of rain that still fall on its branches, knowing the bark is dry; the little insects crawling on the branches and the birds that still persevere building their nests on the branches. 

You ask yourself the question, why dear tree do you still have the strength to go on everyday…if you listen closely, the answer is there…whispering softly it replies…the fact that I get to see every day and feel the pleasure of life’s blessings upon me, does not allow me to see what I look like on the outside.  As long as I can still feel the sun taking it is time to shine on me, I will strive to live a beautiful age.  The tree knows that life has to take its course and situations will pass but also understands that it needs to endure the drought in order to rejuvenate, and enjoy the pleasure of blooming with the first rains.  This tree has no choice but to wait for the rains, but at least with us human beings, we can choose to water our life’s branches.  Life is a quencher, we either have the ability to choose for it to make our situations strengthen us or weaken us.

Being blessed with the pleasures of life, the tree can see its purpose.  Likewise, if we can allow our weak moments to make us stronger, we too shall see our purpose. 


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
quoted by Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning


Article written by Sohanna Singh. 


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