What is a Marriage?

Did you know that a marriage consists of three people?

Me, You and Us. A marriage needs this balance and the only way to get this balance is to have more respect than love for one another. People do not get married to own each other but to rather learn about the unique being of whom the other individual is. Every one of us were created uniquely and this is the beauty of being with someone who is your opposite.


It's a lifetime project, it needs constant nurturing, constant respect, constant patience, constant kindness and constant communication. The simple rules of marriage, never go to bed angry, never walk away and leave each other in anger, and most importantly, never forget the sacred vows you took.


A marriage is about the intimacy of two souls becoming one. This means compromise. When we learn to compromise in marriage, the journey becomes easy, there is no room for expectations and assumptions which inevitably leads to so many misunderstandings and problems.


When all feels like it's failing, remember the person you married, why you married them and the place they hold in your heart. This should be the foundation you always go back to. Never loose sight of why the two of you took this step in the first place.  Marriage is an adventure, one in which you design the course and work towards achieving its purpose.


Article written by Sohanna Singh.

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