Do you live the true YOU?

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How often do you live the true you without question of what society would think, confused about who to please or having the responsibility of so many around you forgetting yourself.  Do you sometimes feel lost? How often have you said to yourself, I need to find myself?


The beauty of your life is the fact that you steer your own ship, you pursue the direction, the pace and even the scenery. How lucky are we as human beings to be able to do this, yet, every day that goes by we take ourselves and our beliefs for granted. We all start off in life saying to ourselves, I am going to do what makes me happy, and live this happiness.  Then life happens.....


We start to meet new people, understand new things, get exposed to the variations life has to offer, getting into relationships and even get more wiser about life through everyday interactions, exposure and experiences. Conformity has been a major part of our lives. If you think about it, yes it's easy but remember it's all we knew when we were younger.  However when we start to learn more about life, we start to realise that we are capable of creating our own norms and conforming to them.  For some it's an easy transition, for others fear kicks in and for some, it's a challenge.


Living the true authentic YOU does place a few challenges on your path, however if you see these challenges for what they are and allow them to make you stronger, you will soon start to realize how you find the inner you, the one you love and the one you setting free. Never allow fear to consume you especially when this is all about you, like challenges, make fear your strength. I spoke earlier on about how you depict the scenery, yes, how you forsee the garden of your life will be the reason you smile everyday. When we as human beings find that inner voice and strength to believe in ourselves, we almost feel like we can conquer the world, we don't need an army when we are the strongest soldier. 


Ultimately the choice lies within you, when you speak and voice your beliefs in a positive light to the universe, trust me, it hears you. Building your confidence is a daily job, however, your attitude, strength and courage will determine your success in making your life happen for YOU.  We have inner desires and dreams which some may think as impossible or far fetched but remember, a man walked on the moon, nothing is far fetched. When you desire something with your whole heart and soul, trusting in yourself and most importantly living a principled life, you too can walk on the moon, called your life.


"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

― quoted by Viktor E. Frankl


Article written by Sohanna Singh.