My Time

Ever heard of the saying, time is of the essence, time waits for no man and time goes by so fast. But how often do we realize the true meaning of the word time? Did you know, the best gift you could give to anyone is, your time.


Time has never stood still and time is not going fast, its the pace of our lives that have changed, and with this pace, we forget we have loved ones who long for our time, even if it's just to say hello. How many times we change plans because our lives don't permit it, and guess what? most of the time we swap these precious times with aspects that add no value and no energy into our lives.  Remember every second spent is a second to our living years, we need to spend it wisely, not everyone is this privileged.  Spend your time enjoying what you love, have no regrets, this will only make you live in the past and blind your future. As human beings, we have a tendency to ponder on the past and emphasize on the time we believe was wasted, remember, the past can never be changed, however we have the opportunity now, to learn from it.  Therefore, take the time now to re-evaluate and live for a beautiful fulfilling future. Never think of it as time lost. 


Giving your time, especially to those who add value into your life, will give you the privilege to keep the memories made. It's a sad thought but think about this reality, how is it that no matter the distance and no matter how much you have to deal with in your busy schedule, time is made to see someone who is ill and time is made to pay your respects the day they pass on. Yes, reality strikes now, and yes, changes can still be made.  So much is happening around us, this all takes time and sad to say, precious time. Creating a balance in your life will enable you to make time or even more time for the things that add a great deal of value into your life.  Yes, time waits for no man, it's the one thing that is guaranteed in our lives, it's never too early or too late, time is on time.  Never regret having moments when you say to yourself... how I wish, why didn't we and I was going to call. By this time, it might be too late. If you genuinely appreciate the life you have, enjoy every second, make memories and live your moments to the fullest.


"Human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way."
― quoted by Viktor E. Frankl


Article written by Sohanna Singh.

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