The extrovert verses the introvert... The introvert verses the extrovert...

So, who are you? 

Do introverts love what they see and who they are? Are introverts constantly aware of whether they are doing the right or wrong thing? Feeling nervous because they are unsure? Always conscious of how they carry themselves and what others might think of them? Do extroverts always expect everyone to be like them? If you an extrovert does it mean you have a bigger zest for life than introverts? Are extroverts loved more than introverts... And this list can go on. 

My first question to all that question others who are not like them... who created you? This constant judgment and expectations can really hurt a person's self esteem. Why cant people accept the unique being within each and every individual? This is the beauty of life, learning about someone else, their roots and who they really are. Is it our own insecurities that come to the fore when we wish to see others like us, are we afraid of not fitting in. Ever thought about how well balanced life is having the best of both worlds, ever gave it a chance? 

An introvert just like an extrovert are also people with feelings. They may not say much but they listen and have interesting stories to tell, they may smile less but they can have a good laugh, they may seem snobbish but actually are true teddy bears at heart and they may not always like being caressed but they love affection.  Do extroverts also realize that not many people welcome their loudness either, that people might not appreciate not being heard because they are louder than everyone and that taking over the place doesn't make you popular. 

So, having said this, we need to respect the personality of the next person, after all, if we could paint on canvas what we would like others to be like, this will be a boring world. Believe it or not, both extroverts and introverts have self esteem issues, on one hand the introvert may feel like they need to be someone they are not and on the other hand, the extrovert is always striving to be on top form to be noticed. 

Judging the next person, does not make you a better human being.  People out there suffer to surface their true selves and its all because they are too concerned about what others might think of them.  This can take people totally astray when it comes to taking control over their own lives because the one thing that would enable them to do this, is lost... their self esteem.  With this astray, they won't be able to know their self worth and reach self transcendence. 

"To respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance." 

― quoted by Viktor E. Frankl


Article written by Sohanna Singh.

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