Covid-19 – When the Clock strikes 12…

As the sun set to give the moon it’s chance to shine, mixed emotions flood the hearts and minds of many, the clock seems to tick louder as it travels its way to 12, hearts beat faster not knowing what the next second holds, panic sets in due to the unknown, fear sets in because we have no control in stopping the hands of time.  AND JUST IN A SECOND, LIFE CHANGES!!! How often have we realised the actual reality…we take life for granted.

Let’s think about our emotions.  Have you realised since you knew about the official lockdown, how many people, that too, strangers, you have told to take care and be safe?  Does this humanity materialise when we have choices?  Doesn’t this make you realise that right now, no matter what race or gender we are, we are all in the same boat and we actually do feel each other’s fear and pain.  Life is constantly testing us, it wants us to learn from our mistakes, it wants us to be better people, and most importantly, it wants us to be humble human beings.  The question is, do we listen and learn?  What is it that keeps us stuck?

Let’s unpack some of the aspects that could keep us stuck: pride and ego, materialism, money, greed and the list can go on.  Now let’s unpack this in this very heart wrenching moment we all find ourselves in…

• Pride and ego – imagine you have a loved one, whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, that person gets sick and all that hits you, is the last words you shared.  Now, step back and think, what is life telling us?  Life is telling us, that we do not have to regret things in hard times if we live a life of just being kind, being non-judgmental, being humble and just being unconditional in whatever you do.  Have no expectations of anyone or anything, and never ever live and believe aspects based on pure assumption.  Human beings have lost the value of just accepting honesty, irrespective of whether it’s good or critical.  We are all not innocent, and every day of our lives, we try and do things that can help us become better human beings.  

• Materialism and money – a question, what can one do with money in the desert? Right now, nothing material can give us the freedom our inner beings so desire.  In actual fact, we feel trapped and almost suffocated.  Our money cannot even buy us this freedom, most importantly it cannot even buy us our health.  So, yes, I agree that in order to live, one needs money.  However, it can become apparent that it’s all we are chasing. 

• Greed – so, we go out there and we panic buy.  Honestly how many out there took notice of the poor car guard who lives on the daily rands and cents he/she gets? Yet, knowing shops will be open for food, we walk buy with trolleys filled to the brim.  Look at the cashier, who is so confined to the counter, not knowing what they could experience or expect from the next customer, doing their jobs with fear no doubt, but still smile and ever ready to chat.  Think about the animals that people just give up because according to them, they cannot afford them in this time.  What choice do people who have no transport and no money do to get their daily bread and milk, yet you and I can get into our cars and still shop.  Yet, some can still deem themselves as cheated.  What has happened to human value?  Have we become so selfish, self-centered and greedy?  It’s time to reflect and think about others.  

Just before the lockdown, how many of you found yourself, sending messages to many people that these 21 days are about introspection, self-reflection and connecting, and when these days are over, we must be able to love and respect one another.  What is it that we mean?  How serious do we take these words and do we actually understand the depth of each one? The question here is, do we as human beings get carried away by the moment, by real emotions, by a trend, are we just being opportunistic or do we really just care.  It also makes one wonder, when these 21 days are over, are we just going to pick up from where we left off or are we going to live that life of humbleness and kindness.  During the 21 days, many of us would not have that freedom we had before, aspects like just going out, shopping, meeting friends or family or by just being workaholics.  Staying at home, this by no choice of ours but by law, will make us realise how much we did take for granted, aspects which we deemed we had no time for. 

This is life teaching us to go back to the basics and to understand what really matters.  I encourage each and every one of you to take out a word each day of the 21 days, write down why you chose this word, what difference it made in your day for you to have chosen it and how you going to live this word going forward after everything has settled and life has given you that chance.  How does realising you were one of the lucky ones, change your life and your perspective on life? Will you make the effort to live this change?

Article written by Sohanna Singh.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

― quoted by Viktor E. Frankl


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